Personal Submarines

The next evolution of luxury toys

Have you ever thought to yourself this world isn’t enough for me?

Research Submarine for sale

Research Submarines

Research submarines by companies like Triton Submarines  are leading the way in underwater expedition, with numerous models to carry out tasks at extreme depths. Often these research submarines are launched from larger research vessel and either controlled from the surface or have a small research team to operate.

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Personal Submarines

A personal submarine doesnt have to be a submarine that just crusies underwater and shoots nuclear missiles toward your foe. It can be some serious fun, all be it expensive. Some of the personal submarines being built at the moment are able to launch out of the water, this maneouvre is often called a breach.

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Private Submerisible Yacht

Although not quite here yet, the idea of the private luxury submersibles has been around for quite sometime, and compainies like Migaloo Private Submerisible Yachts are leading the way.  A question I think of regularly is… will it be here before private space travel?

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Personal Submarines for Luxury Super Yachts

When it comes to decking out your luxury yacht, or super yacht, helicopters are standard fit, but going just little a step further in opulence is having your own personal luxury submarine. They can be launched straight from your yacht with minimal fuss.

Personal Submarines: Are they just trendy toys for the mega-rich and famous?

The personal sub is the newest bling in town for the mega-rich and famous. The personal sub has become THE exciting must-have toy to the super-rich lifestyle, superseding mega yachts, Jacuzzis, and helipads.

It seems that it was only yesterday that the military own exclusive rights to a submarine. Then, the marine world found that subs are the ideal vessels to conduct underwater expeditions without fear of shark attacks or running out of oxygen.

While the subs are nothing new, personal submarine definitely is. For the super-rich, this means the excitement of designing a personal submarine that meets their individual specs.

The attraction of having a personal submarine is understandable especially for those who have the bucks to burn. After all, life becomes more fun and exciting when it is spent “under the sea”.

Personal submarines

There are a thousand and one reasons for the rich to yearn for a personal submarine. Staying put in comfortable surroundings on any ocean current is perhaps the topmost attraction. A precise and quiet ride ranging between 500 to 1,500 miles on very comfortable settings takes second place. Third place goes to the built-in landing gear, allowing the personal sub to emerge on any type of beach.

Personal submarine – Why Not?

There are a thousand and one reasons for the rich to yearn for a personal submarine. Staying put in comfortable surroundings on any ocean current is perhaps the topmost attraction. A precise and quiet ride ranging between 500 to 1,500 miles on very comfortable settings takes second place. Some submarines even have amphibious capabilities, allowing tracks or wheels to emerge on any beach or river bank. I know you’re thinking, hmmm amphibious vehicles sounds like invasion time, quietly sneak up on you enemy, quickly and efficiently get your new amphibious vehicle onto the shore of some land you intend of taking over, alas, these days it is more you are invading a beach head to enjoy the afternoon of sun soaked fun , beers food and maybe some surf. Not start a war or coupe. 

You may think that a personal submarine is deep water bling only the rich and famous can afford to have. Yet, if you take the time to look at the personal submarines available on the market, you’d be surprised to see some affordable options.

When it comes to Luxury submersibles though, you better start saving as there are a lot of 0’s at the end of the starting price. So what other compelling reasons that have contributed to the rise in popularity of the personal submarine?

Style and comfort 

Affordable personal subs don’t usually look as impressive as their pricier counterparts but they can deliver the ride you are after. A pint-sized sub can assist in exploring the depths of the oceans without being exposed to the elements and restrictions of open water diving such as the cold, predators, oxygen tanks, fatigue and of course the requirements for divers to stage their ascent after deep dives to prevent the bends AKA decompression sickness. 

Close and personal encounters

Marine Science has seen the advantage of personal subs way back in the 70s. Graham Hawkes was the man who made it possible for marine scientists to get close and personal to shipwrecks, various forms and kinds of sea life, and the ocean floor.

Status symbol

The personal submarine achieved a status symbol of its own through the jet set  crowd. While a luxury submarine is still in the works, the personal sub has become the ocean bling for people with high-end tastes. The extravagant tastes have encouraged a form of luxury sub-models that can dive down to 3,000 meters as well as comfortably accomodate 20 people.

Submarines and Safe exploration

A low-cost personal sub may not provide an ideal safe environment during deep dives. The one-man models are designed only for a comfortable but restricted range. The mid-range personal submarines offer a better deal when it comes to safe explorations. The models may not be as opulent as the overpriced ones, but they can seat two people comfortably and safely.

A must-have item for submarine sports enthusiasts

Scuba diving, deep sea, and shipwreck explorations are some of the best-loved activities of marine sports enthusiasts. The only hindrance to making this a fun-filled activity is the limited oxygen supply. Owning your own personal submersible provides a timely solution few marine enthusiasts can pass up.

Personal sub differences

Unfortunately, the price tags dictate the wide range of functionality of every personal sub. Needless to say, the big-budget models have the edge of being the sleekest, the more high-tech with the deepest depth range, and the most comfortable. Paying more for a personal sub give you models that can take you down to 914 meters. The lower-priced models, on the other hand, can only allow a plunge within 7.62 meters or 25 feet.

For the DIY enthusiast, personal sub-kits are also available. They may not be as flashy as the mid-range priced models but they can handle simple exploration needs. Doing away with bulky diving gear along with the affordable price are the attractions offered by the DIY personal sub-kits.

 Personal submarine rules – are there any?

A crew to pilot your personal submarine or learning to pilot the personal submarine is yourself is obviously a pretty important component and could mean the difference between getting to your destination or hanging out permanently with the bottom feeders of the ocean.nA master’s license is the least requirement for a sub pilot to have, however there are different types of licenses to aquire from companies like UBOAT WORX have courses that provide you with the necessary skills to pilot various sized submarines.

Once you’ve selected your crew, it’s time to make them undergo training. Training usually takes around 4 months, typically offered by companies selling personal subs. The long period of training is to equip the crew with the skills to understand and become familiar with the vessel.

You now have the freedom to travel anywhere you want as soon as your crew has finished their training period. The good news with personal subs is the absence of legal restrictions. It is because personal subs are considered as civilian subs which are welcomed anywhere in the world. However, bear in mind that coast guards on any country will note your presence even when they may seem to ignore


Luxury submarines

Migaloo personal Submerisble yachtA luxury sub can certainly up the ante to a wet and better lifestyle, but the price can be sky-high. Currently, there’s no price tag attached to the newest and sleekest luxury sub design. It promises, however, to become one of the world’s most expensive private objects.

Think James Bond and you get a picture of the luxuriousness and high-tech qualities of the luxury submarine. Want to host a week-long deep underwater party with 10-24 friends? Check. Want to dive deep and travel more than 1,000 miles in opulent surroundings? Check.

The things that limit the creation of luxury subs are money and time. If you can swing the $30 million price range, the two-year wait can be tough. It goes without saying that the price and wait time is worth it. The luxury submarine that is at par with a fully-loaded yacht is just reward for the long wait and the big price. The reward comes in custom-made job from the color scheme down to the climate-controlled interiors. The porthole windows lining the hull on both sides may be the only things that set it apart from a luxury yacht.

However, a word to the wise: to date, luxury subs do not exist. Not yet. There are only private and personal subs bobbing around the ocean but they are not the luxury subs we’re talking about here. The design is all theoretical because of the phenomenal expense. But, we can dream, can’t we?


What does the future hold for personal and luxury subs?

Companies like Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts are at the for front of a ridiculously opulent and exciting new venture to provide personal submarines and privet personal submersible yachts. New ocean vistas may one day, be not only only for people who can afford it but for the average man.

The future looks bright for personal submersibles that may eventually more affordable for the common masses. In today’s setting, the opportunity to see and marvel at the teeming life offered by the deep may only be available to a few. Yet, the day will come when deep-sea explorations may become open to all.