The term luxurious is not the right description for the Triton 36000/2 research submarine aka submersible. The eye-watering price tag of $48 mil (include support vessel), means two people in very comfortable leather seats can explore the deepest depths of the earths oceans and when I say deep….I mean up to 11km.

So how deep can the Triton submersible go? This research submarine is currently planned to perform multiple dives at locations such as Challenger Deep, one of the deepest known spots in the world. At 36,000 feet, the Triton research sub team of engineers is quietly confident that it will conquer the dive with pressure over 16,000 psi, in total darkness, and freezing water.

Challenger Deep is almost 11k deep and has only been visited by 3 people in the world on an Italian made submarine called the Trieste. With that challenge in mind the team that built the Triton not only believing it can reach the murky depths of the Marianas Trench, but can do it over and over again.  Initial testing on the research submarine shows that it is capable of withstand deep sea pressure of 20,305 psi. This means that the research submarine can make the 2.5-hour descent as well as repeatedly conquer the depths of the Challenger Deep and other deep dives in the Bahamas. This particular triton looks like it will claim the title of the first research submarine to be repeatedly be operated into and out of deep sea dives similar to the Marianas trench.

The electric power system of the Triton research submarine uses Li-Fe-P batteries and has ten electric thrusters, ten LED lamps (20,000-lumen), manipulators, and four wide-angle cameras. In the event of an emergency the triton is fitted with a life support system capable of providing 96 hours of air.

The support vessel, The DSSV Pressure Drop is a multipurpose vessel that not only transports, but launches and recover your deep sea diving submersible utilising a crane attached to the stern. The beauty about this deal is you get the ship if you purchase the Triton. The diesel-electric vessel, is 224 feet in length and comfortably carries the Triton research submarine along with crew and passengers tatalling 47.

Another bargain thrown in with the sale of the research submarine are three unmanned landers supplied with L3 Systems. The landers function as sample gatherers and data recorders.

Currently, the Triton research sub is set to conduct more than 50 deepest ocean dives around the world. This includes complete dives in Greenlands Molloy Deep, Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench, and Southern Oceans Meteor Deep. Other shipwreck dives are also included in the itinerary for this research submarine.

The Triton 36000/2 research sub will be set for delivery sometime this year once it has completed all its scheduled dives.