Are Personal Submarines for luxury yachts the New Normal for the very rich?

The richest people in the world have found one of the final spending frontiers with owning a personal submarine for luxury yachts. The superyacht and the stable of vintage cars used to be the normal trappings of the super-rich, however the advent of the personal submarine has changed all that.

The name of the game for moguls today is not just to own a luxury yacht and private helicopter, but to fit it out with a personal submarine aswell.

This new demand for this opulent toy has started stiff competition among makers and designers of luxury subs. The race to offer these underwater rich-man toys is on.

U-Boat Worx 3 – Personal submarine for luxury yacht owners

Dining, drinking or chilling out along with a panoramic underwater vista becomes a real deal with the U-Boat Worx, personal submarine for luxury yachts. The 3,800kg weight and the 3.2 meters long, making it an ideal lightweight and compact luxury sub.

The compact size and weight mean it can fit most superyacht decks which make the U-Boat a very nice toy indeed. Three people to include a pilot and 2 passengers can have the time of their lives exploring the deep sea aboard this personal submarine for luxury yachts.

Made in the Netherlands, the U-Boat luxury sub can dive as deep as 300 meters. Chilling out under the sea has never been so good when it’s onboard this miniature version of a personal submarine.

Other outstanding features included in the luxury sub are the panoramic views provided by the acrylic pressure hull. A full charge of the latest designed Lithium-ion battery system enables the personal sub to dive for 18 hours straight. Recovery and fast safe launches in all sea conditions are provided by a single point lift of the personal submarine for luxury yachts.

AURORA-6 – Another Personal Submarine

For the past 20 years, SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation in California has manufactured compact personal submarines. The AURORA-6 is the company’s launch into the world of personal submarines built for Luxury  and Super yachts.

This 6 person luxury sub is for sale is surprisingly spacey. There are four segments to the cabin with the pilot occupying the front seat. The segments provide some sort of privacy. The revolutionary design is the owner’s lounge located in the rear portion of the submarine.

The most outstanding feature of this personal submarine is the personalised bathroom located in the back hull. The mentioned lounge area can accommodate up to three people. The swivel chairs in the lounge area of the offer the finest up close and personal ocean view.Boarding or leaving is by using the stairs found on the big entry hatch.

Seabreacher X – one-man personal submarine for luxury yachts

It’s a plane, no, it’s a shark, no; it’s actually a small luxury sub. The Seabreacher X personal sub for luxury yachts is probably the most affordable of them all. The aerodynamic canopy and the sleek design along with shark fins make the mini luxury sub a scary sight.

Sudden jumps (aka Breaches) out of the water are easily achieved by the Seabreacher X. The 260hp engine of the mini luxury sub provides the power to make it jump out of the water. This is a unique feature given by the personal submarine for luxury yachts when exploring the ocean’s depths becomes a bit boring.

Exploring shallower depths of water also becomes fun and exciting on board this small, but, oh, so powerful one-man personal sub perfect for luxury yachts.